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Last few months I haven’t been blogging a lot due to the fact that I was really busy with starting up my own company, building a website and developing a build service for Dynamics 365 & NAV (announcement will follow in the next few days)

The next natural step is to move my blog to my company’s website and become more active again by writing blog posts on interesting subjects.

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Orphaned approval entries

So a few weeks ago I came across this problem and thought I might as well share it with you guys.
Somewhere in the system we had a GET on the purchase document based on the approval entry.
The GET failed so the document was gone, I started looking for a DELETE(FALSE) on the purchase header and came across report 499 – Delete Invoiced Purch. Orders, which did not delete the related approval entries.

Above applies to the following sales and purchase reports:
– 291 Delete Invd Blnkt Sales Orders
– 299 Delete Invoiced Sales Orders
– 491 Delete Invd Blnkt Purch Orders
– 499 Delete Invoiced Purch. Orders
– 5914 Delete Invoiced Service Orders
– 6651 Delete Invd Sales Ret. Orders
– 6661 Delete Invd Purch. Ret. Orders

The reports were fixed in cumulative update 5 for NAV2015, but the records are still out there waiting for a clean up!